Arjang Davoodi transferred to hospital

Posted on: 14th November, 2014
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  • Translator: Sohrab
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Arjang Davoodi

HRANA News Agency – Arjang Davoodi, political prisoner of Rajaei Shar prison, who was on hunger strike in solitary confinement since four days ago, was transferred to Imam Khomeini hospital.

According to Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), Arjang Davoodi has been transferred to Imam Khomeini hospital, following a blow to his head because of falling in the cell, on Wednesday November 13.

One of Rajaei Shahr prisoners told HRANA’s reporter, “On the morning when Mr. Davoodi got up from his bed, he stumbled and fell and hit his head to radiator heater. The warden, Mr. Kaviani heard the sound of his fall and when he checked Mr. Davoodi’s cell, he saw that he is moaning in pain on the floor. Mr. Davoodi was transferred to clinic by stretcher, till transfer order issued. In the afternoon, Mr. Davoodi was transferred to hospital”.

This source also said, “Mr. Davoodi was on hunger strike from Sunday. One of the reasons of his hunger strike is that due to high sugar and blood pressure, he cannot take prison’s food. But, authorities even did not give him his medicine”.

Need to be mentioned, there is no information about Mr. Davoodi, after his transfer to hospital.

Arjang Davoodi, political prisoner of Rajaei Shahr of Karaj prison, has spent more than 10 years in prison and was recently charged with new allegation of “being a member and effective support and advocate of MEK in prison”, and has been sentenced to death. This charge is denied by this political prisoner.