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  • 2 Political Prisoners’ Letter to Ahmad Shaheed about Workers’ Situation in Iran

2 Political Prisoners’ Letter to Ahmad Shaheed about Workers’ Situation in Iran

Posted on: 30th July, 2015
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HRANA News Agency – Shahrokh Zamani and Saeid Shirzad, the imprisoned labour and political activists, in a letter asked for more attention on workers’ condition. The full text of this letter is provided to HRANA and is as follows:

Your Excellency, Mr. Ahmad Shaheed,

Considering that you will summit your report to Human Right Council of UN soon, we request you to consider the condition of workers in your report as well.

Currently, workers with the population of more than 14 million, along with their families over 50 million, are living in an inhumane condition, for instant:

The salary of ¼ of what has defined as poverty line and rejection of their complain in this regard, in the Supreme Court; lack of health and safety regulation for workers; white and short-term contracts; being banned from having any unions, rallies and protests; continuous attacks on workers’ rally, on May 1st and every other protests; arresting many teachers in recent protests; being banned from founding any syndicates and unions; facing forged union that acts as an anti-labour organization and has been founded by regime itself; the detention of labour activists and prison sentences, being fired in case of any protests, being banned from any protests in contrast with accepted conventions by Iran, militarizing big organizations and industries by using security and Basij forces, slavery of 94% of the whole labour market by white signed contracts, appointed governmental representatives in ILO (International Labour Organization) and lack of presence of real representative of workers, acceptance of appointed labour representatives by ILO etc.

Hereby, we, the imprisoned labour activists, besides requesting to follow the labour and labour activists’ condition, ask the United Nations Human Rights Council to extend your mission.