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Letter of a Baha’i student to imprisoned teachers of Baha’is Uni.

Posted on: 9th June, 2014
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HARANA News Agency – After the Cultural Revolution in 1980 and the reopening of the universities in Iran in 1982, according to the Council of the Cultural Revolution, students and professors of Baha’i faith were expelled from the universities across the country and “cleansing” of Baha’is from universities began.

In 1987, 250 young Baha’is who were no longer able to pursue their studies in the public universities in Iran (due to the form of religion) volunteered  to start the first cycle of a university focusing on courses in basic sciences, Arabic, and religious studies and literature. The first cycle only offered an associate degree with a maximum capacity of 100 students. After a while, the university also offered bachelor degree and students divided into two groups: literature and science.

After one semester, the science group was divided into Natural Science and Mathematics. Later, other fields were also added and the university degree was recognized by many prestigious universities in the world. However, the university and its constituent members were attacked by government forces entering labs and classes several times, arrested a number of people, and confiscated some of the educational equipment.

On May, 22, 2011, the homes of Baha’is in Iran were attacked and 15 people including teachers and students were detained. During this incident, the homes of the most of arrested individuals were searched by security guards. The laboratory of chemistry of the Baha’i University was shut down by the Ministry of Information and the security seized the equipment. Currently, 33 Baha’is are held in Rajai Shahr prison, half of them are the professors of the Baha’i University. This includes Mahmoud Badavam, Keyvan Rahimian, Kamran Rahimian, Ruhollah Zibayee, and Amanollah Mostaghim. Moreover, Nasim Bagheri and Faran Hesami, two female professors of this university, are currently being held in Evin Prison.

Below is a letter of appreciation from one of the students to the imprisoned professors of the Baha’i University:

The gate to love domain is unapproachable by the wisdom

Only a true devoted person can find the gate

The love to learn and education is inherent in human spirit and has been the biggest motivation for many discoveries and innovative findings in the history. The teachers and those involved in educating people have been praised in all religions and communities. Now, how shocking that the teachers in Iran are being oppressed and persecuted, instead of remuneration and appreciation??!!?

And as accurately described “the love of lovers is often responded by oppression and torture and not blast and fun”, those who devoted their lives to serve humanity, education, and promote human values have been often responded with cruelty and torture at the moment. However, these lovely people did not stop their devotion and continued their service wholeheartedly. This is why they will be remembered forever and become eternal.

Currently in our beloved country Iran, there are many teachers who do all they can to educate young children and prepare them for higher achievements while there are a number of teachers who are being imprisoned for 4-5 years for exactly the same reason.

The teachers of BIHE institution are serving the Baha’i students on the edge of sharp blade, and therefore there is no word or phrase to show our appreciation for their sacrifices!

It’s extremely difficult for me to write about my teachers: “my name is Farhoud Baghi and I would like to sincerely thank my teachers in this institution. I will never forget their devotion and service. I also wish one day their amazing work will be justly respected, and hope my teachers accept these few words as a little appreciation of their devotion. “