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Letter from the father of a Sunni prisoner sentenced to death in Iran

Posted on: 28th April, 2014
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HRANA News Agency – The father of a Sunni prisoner sentenced to death in Iran has written an open letter about his son, published by the Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA). The full text of the letter has been translated into English below:

“In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful,

I am Hassan Gharibi, I have passed 80 years of age, and I am the father of Mohammad Gharibi.

It is now nearly five years since they took my son.

Before my son was arrested, he was a person of the mosque, he used to pray in congregation and he would always go to the mosque. In the month of Ramadan, he would always be awake [worshiping] at night.

It is nearly nine years since he was married, and he now has a little boy. When he was arrested, his son was 3 years old, but now his beloved son is nearly 8. His son always asks for his father.

Mohammad’s mother was 70 years old, she was ill and had a stroke. Two years ago, when Mohammad was in Rajai Shahr prison, his mother died, and they did not even let him come for the funeral.

Since the day he was first arrested, he has regularly been physically and psychologically tortured.

Now he is very ill, and has developed kidney stones, just because the water in the prison is polluted.

My son was loved by the whole neighborhood, now all of them are upset by his absence.

I am already old, and my happiness was Mohammad, that he will take care of me, but instead I have grief and sadness.

His mother has died, and I am unwell, and I do not know whether I will see him before I die, or whether it will be like his mother, and I will die while he is still in prison.

Now, to the Iranian authorities, to the President, to the chairman of the judiciary, and also to the supreme leader of Iran, I request that you have mercy on my son, and do not execute him for being a Sunni.

It is two years since Mohammad’s death sentence was issued, and his case is now in the Supreme court, and I am waiting [to find out] whether his sentence will be finalized or not.

What did Mohammad do to get the death penalty? Except performing prayers, and doing religious activities, and he was a Sunni, [this is] his crime that they have sentenced him for!

They held a court [just] for formalities, and they issued a verdict for him on false charges. This is a government plot! Anyone who is a Sunni, and who [performs] religious activities, is jailed. And they issue charges against them, and false charges of ‘Moharabeh’ [enmity against God] are filed against them.

I pray to God that he has mercy on all the oppressed [people] in the world, and to answer our prayers, and to release my son and all political prisoners of [Sunni] faith.

Finally, to all Sunni scholars, to all students of knowledge, and also to all the compassionate people of the world, and all human rights organisations, I ask that anyone who knows of my situation, I want you to pray for the release of my son, and use all of your efforts towards releasing political prisoners of [Sunni] faith.

Hassan Gharibi, the father of Mohammad Gharibi, a Sunni prisoner sentenced to death.

21 April 2014