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Nima! I Am Sure You Understand / Behnam Ebrahimzadeh

Posted on: 30th December, 2014
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HRANA News Agency – Behnam Ebrahimzadeh, a labor activist imprisoned in Rajai Shar prison,has gone on hunger strike since 3 December in protest against being transferred from political prisoners’ ward to criminals’ ward and is currently in critical condition.

He wrote a letter to his son, who is affected by blood cancer. HRANA has received the letter which is as follows:

Hello Dear Nima

Twenty days of hunger strike makes me understand your pain and slight more than any other time. You still had not finished school when I left you alone and now five years of hard days passed, and thousands of nights and days away from each other.

My dearest son,

Once again a new case for me has been opened in Branch 15 of the Revolutionary Court which will issue a new sentence. After returning from the court, I was persecuted and insulted and they transferred me to the dangerous prisoners’ section where the prisoners are convicted to death.


I am sure that you understand the reason why these days I am not to hug your broken body and kiss your long forehead.

Dear Nima,

I am sorry for writing you a few lines. Maybe you are angry at me, maybe your patience is finished, pain of cancer may be cut off your circulation.

Maybe you will forgive me when you grow older and you will understand the pain of tears of a father who is imprisoned for trying to fight with the cancer of despotism.

My son!

The pain of hunger doesn’t torture me more than the pain of being without Nima.

Devoted to my hero son, who stood against the storm like a cypress.

Take care of your mother and yourself.

Your Father