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Untold Stories of Nasirabad – Abobakr Mollazehi’s Wife’s Open Letter

Posted on: 12th February, 2015
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HRANA News Agency – Abobakr Mollazehi along with dozens of men living in Nasirabad, a village of Sarbaz city, were arrested following the assassination of a member of Basij, Iranian militias, living in the area, at dawn on 4th of January, and has been detained since then and he is still incarcerated by security forces.

The authorities have so far been saying a lot of contradictories about the mass arrests. On the other hand the families of the detainees affirm that their children are innocent and victims.

This Balooch citizen’s wife has written a letter, a copy of which has been provided to HRANA. She has emphasized on her husband’s innocence and has asked human rights organizations and the UN Special Rapporteur on Human Rights in Iran to help Mr. Mollazehi’s. The full text of the letter, identically, is as follows:
To the international community, and particularly Mr. Ban Ki-moon and Mr. Ahmed Shaheed,
At dawn of 4th of January, after the morning prayers I noticed the presence of large numbers of armed police forces who had surrounded our accommodation. Their noise awoke my husband so, he went out to see what’s going on, and then as soon as they saw him, they arrested him. When we asked what his charge is and why they arrest him, they did not answer, just they said we are going to ask him a few questions and he will be released tomorrow.

My children were scared by seeing this scene and for one week their sleep and appetite were affected and they burned with high fever, and after a month we still have no news of his location or health.

Although, they searched everywhere in our house for about 3 hours, even bird nest and the sheep barn and our garden, but they could not get anything.

We got nothing after pursue in the province level and we were wondering, what these innocent people’s charges are, until General Rahimi, in a television interview, announced that they are the doer of 90% of the district insecurities who have done these crimes just for 400 thousands Tomans. Our wondering got doubled!!!

My husband is a shop keeper and appliances dealer and in all that time he was in his shop along the crowded international road in the region. In addition, in terms of financial, the grace of God, he is reach enough and this accusation that he has done it because of 400 thousand Tomans is not logical and there are also inconsistencies in the statements of authorities, showing that these words are miles away from reality.

All the people and I who has this pain, announce that they are innocent and urge the international communities and human rights organizations to address this issue as soon as possible.

Abobakr Mollazehi’s wife

Tahereh Gahramzehi