Atena Daemi Protests Against Summoning Her Family

Posted on: 22nd February, 2017
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Atena Daemi

HRANA News Agency – Atena Daemi, human rights activist and prisoner of women’s ward of Evin prison, carried a dry hunger strike in protest to what she believes to be the fabrication and profiling a case against her family to put more pressure on her, in warden’s office, and demanded a visit with prosecutor of ward 2-A and judiciary, after she was informed that her family were summoned to the court. As a result, she who wanted to communicate her protest, visited the head of prison, but he instead of following up, asked her to get back her compliant against the revolutionary guards with a threatening tone.

A close source to Atena Daemi told to HRANA’s reporter, “After Atena was informed that her family were summoned, she wrote a letter and demanded to visit the representative of the prosecutor of ward 2-A and judiciary. But no response was given to her letter”.

This informed source continued, “After follow up and checking with the warden and not getting any proper answer, she started a protest in the same location, which was a one-day dry hunger strike. After two days head of prison, Mr. Charmahali called her for the visit, and asked her to get back her complaint against the revolutionary guards, and threatened her that her compliant would not have any results and eventually would have more harm than good for her”.

This close source emphasized that, “after 3-4 times that the attorney of Atena asked for visiting her and his request was rejected, finally he could go to Shahid Moghadas court, and judiciary’s authority denied the recording during the arrest of Atena, which itself shows that the organization in charge of arrest had wrong doing and violated the law. This is while the judiciary had previously showed a film taken illegally and in secrecy from Atena’s house during her arrest”.

Need to be mentioned, in a new case against the Atena Daemi, three family members including two sisters and one brother in law were summoned to the court, on Tuesday December 27. In the court order, “reports of officers” was mentioned as the reason of this summon.

Previously, Atena Daemi explained the charges that are laid by Sarallah corps in a new law suit against herself. Ms. Daemi had explained the illegal actions of forces that had arrested her.