Border Regiment Shot and Wounded a Kolbar

Posted on: 24th July, 2016
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Mohammad Amini

HRANA News Agency – Mohammad Amini, a Kolbar from Alan in Sardasht, was wounded in the leg and taken to the hospital after being shot by the security forces.

According to the report of the Human Rights Activists News Agency in Iran (HRANA), Mohammad Amini, a Kolbar from Dolemir of Alan in Sardasht, was wounded by the security forces’ direct shot.

A source, close to this Kurdish citizen with announcing this news told HRANA’s reporter: “Mohammad Amini was shot by the Border Regiment troops and was badly wounded in his foot.”
He added: “Mohammad was transferred to Urmia hospital due to the injury.”

Kolbars are the cross-border workers that have to carry items to earn their living money. They mostly work in the provinces of West Azerbaijan, Kurdistan, and Kermanshah. They have to carry and import foreign goods from non-official customs.

In this way these kinds of goods, according to Iranian government are smuggling which are transmitted on the back of these civilians or by carried through with draft animals from impassable border areas into border cities and villages.