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Changiz Ghadam Khairi Deprived of Medical Furlough

Posted on: 31st August, 2017
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Changiz Ghadam Khairi

HRANA News Agency – Changiz Ghadam Khairi, political prisoner who has been exiled to Masjed Soliman in Khuzistan province, despite the physician’s comments regarding the need for critical health care and surgery operation, has been deprived of medical treatment due to interference of the intelligent service.

According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), Changiz Ghadamkhairi, Kurdish political prisoner who has been exiled to Masjed Soalaiman, had been injured during the arrest and after 5 years shrapnel are not taken out of his body yet.

Despite critical condition and confirmation of prison physician regarding the need for surgery operation, his medical furlough and treatments are being denied.

A close source to the family of Mr. Ghadam Khairi told HRANA’s reporter, “this prisoner received a 15-day-long medical furlough on a bail of 3500 million IRR more than a year ago, which despite registration in a hospital in Dezfoul, due to an accident resulted in severe injury of his family during which the teeth and shoulder of his sister broke, and he was not hospitalized”.

This source continued, “following the request for extending the furlough due to that incident, authorities promised him that he would receive another furlough in 40 days. Nevertheless, his furlough is being denied due to interference of intelligence service of Kamyaran, despite his critical health condition and infection of leg because of the left shrapnel in his body.”

Changiz Ghadam Khairi, born in 1988, was arrested in 2011 and transferred to central prison of Sanandaj. He was tried after 2 years and exiled to Masjed Solaiman prison in Ahvaz. After few sessions of his trial in the revolutionary court of Sanandaj, he was sentenced to 40 years in prison.

The close source to the family of Ghadam Khairi told HRANA’s reporter: “with the consideration of the charges that had been laid against him in the lawsuit, this prisoner did not appeal for the fear that his sentence might have increased”.