Ebrahim Firoozi Sentenced to 5 Years Imprisonment

Posted on: 23rd April, 2015
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Ebraham Firoozi

HRANA News Agency – Ebraham Firoozi, Christian convert and prisoner of conscience in Rajai Shahr prison has been sentenced to 5 years imprisonment.

According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency in Iran (HRANA), the sentence was delivered last Monday by Branch 28 of the Revolutionary Court to Ebrahim Firoozi’s solicitor.

Mr. Firoozi’s solicitor, in a conversation with HRANA’s reporter, said: “The sentence of 5 years imprisonment that he has been notified, in fact is the maximum penalty for the allegations against him, but this sentence is a primitive court verdict and we will make an appeal.”

Ebrahim Ferozi had been tried on 7th of March, by the Branch 28 of the Revolutionary Court, presided by Judge Moghiseh, on charges of acting against national security by gathering and collusion, and for the first time he met with his solicitors in the court room.

Ebraham Firoozi, is being held along with non-political prisoners and even sometimes dangerous prisoners.

This Christian convert, was arrested on 25th August 2013. He has a record of several detentions and previously, he had been sentenced to 1 year imprisonment and 2 years exile, by the Revolutionary Court in Robat Karim, although, his sentence ended on 13th January, but he is still in prison until his new case would be treated.