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Forensic agreed to transfer Hamid Babaei to a hospital outside prison

Posted on: 19th November, 2014
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Hamid Babaei

HRANA News Agency – After 6 months, the forensic in Evin prison agreed to send Hamid Babaei to medical centers for treatment outside the prison.

According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), Hamid Babaei is a Finance PhD student at the University Of Liege, Belgium, who was arrested in August last year after returning to Iran, and was imprisoned and sentenced to ten years (6 years prison and 4 years suspended imprisonment) and is held in Evin prison since then.

Forensic in Evin prison after 6 months from the date of request, agreed that prisoner, Hamid Babaei, to be sent to medical centers outside the prison for the necessary treatment.

In April this year, he gave his request for dental surgery, stomach problems and treatment to the prison authorities, and if the prosecutor agrees, then he will be transferred to medical centers outside the prison.

That is to say, in early April this year, he fainted and had a seizure so that he was transferred to prison clinic.

Hamid Babaei spent 35 days in solitary confinement in wards 240 and 209 in Evin prison after he was arrested on 13 August 2013, and he was under interrogation and pressure.

On 21st December, he was tried at the Tehran’s Islamic Revolution Court Branch 15 which was presided by Judge Salvati, in a 10 minutes trail, without a lawyer and in his public defender’s silence, on charges of “espionage and connection with hostile states” and sentenced to six years in prison and four years suspended imprisonment.

Hamid Babaei is now held in quarantine ward in Evin prison.