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Hakimeh Shokri Exiled to Prison of Varamin

Posted on: 18th December, 2014
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Hakimeh Shokri

HRANA News Agency – Hakimeh Shokri, political prisoner of women’s ward of Evin prison has been exiled to Gharchak prison in Varamin, “Shahre Ray” because of criticizing the inattention into the situation of women prisoners.

According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), she is an activist of “Madarane Parke Laleh” and it is more than two years that she is held in women’s ward in Evin Prison, and due to complaining about the inattention into the situation of women prisoners, she has been exiled to prison in Gharchake Varamin. The authorities have also threatened other women prisoners that if they continue to complain, they will be exiled as well.

Mrs. Shokri was arrested first time on 5th December 2010, in the commemoration of Amir Arshad Tajmir, one of those who were killed after the elections in 2009, and after about two and a half months of detention in ward 209 of Evin prison, she was released on bail.

On 11th April 2012, she was sentenced to 3 years imprisonment by the Revolutionary Court in Tehran, presided by Judge Moghiseh, on charges of “propaganda against the regime” and “acting against national security”. Since November of the same year, Hakimeh Shokri has been held in prison.