Intelligence Agents in Evin Raided Ward 350

Posted on: 21st September, 2011
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HRANA News Agency – Last week, a large number of intelligence agents in Evin Prison unexpectedly raided political prisoners’ Ward 350.During this raid, intelligence agents searched and damaged inmates’ personal belongings.Ward 350 in Evin Prison currently houses more than 160 political prisoners.

According to a report by Kaleme News, each prison cell in Ward 350 measures approximately 98 square feet and houses 16-20 prisoners.Fifteen intelligence agents raided these prison cells last week and violently searched through personal effects of prisoners and their basic supplies needed for daily life.

When visiting with their families, political prisoners reported that during this raid, their clothing and bedding were thrown out of the ward and searched thoroughly such that three days afterwards, inmates were still cleaning up the mayhem, destruction and confusion caused by this attack.Books were taken off the shelves or from underneath beds, were thrown in the middle of cells or into corridors and torn.These books were sent to prisoners gradually during the last two years at their families’ expenses.Some of the books were language training manuals or course materials used by imprisoned students.

Three weeks ago, it was reported that prison officials had permitted political prisoners to have a DVD player in their ward.Non political prisoners including those in Ward 7 and 8 have had a DVD player for years and have been able to watch movies purchased from the prison shop.During the most recent raid, intelligence agents seized the DVD player from Ward 350.

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