Kasra Nouri is sentenced to 52 months imprisonment

Posted on: 26th April, 2013
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  • Translator: Ramyar Hassani
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Kasra Nouri

HRANA News Agency – Kasra Nouri the Gonabadi dervishes’ rights activists and co-worker of Majzoobane-Nour website has been sentenced to 4 years and 4 months imprisonment.


According to a report by Majzoobae-Nour website, Kasra Nouri was tried in branch 3 of Shiraz revolutionary court by judge Rashidi and sentenced to 4 years and 4 months imprisonment on charges of propaganda against regime, acting against national security, insulting the supreme leader of Iran and membership in Majzooban group. 


This Gonabadi dervish is sentenced to 4 years and 4 months imprisonment whereas the consequences of his acting in society described as “promoting innovation in doctrinal matters” and “insecurity in society and promoting superstitions” and the reason of issuing this sentence called as “preventing the irrecoverable consequences in society especially among youth”.


It is written in a part of the issued sentence: “As promoting innovation in doctrinal matters and promoting specific spirituality results insecurity in society and promoting superstitions and innovations in society especially among youth and it might having irrecoverable consequences then the accusations on his dossier will sentence him.”


Also Kasra Nouri is sentenced to one year suspended imprisonment in Shiraz criminal court on charge of disturbing the public order and roorback .


Kasra Nouri was arrested twice until now by security forces. This Gonabadi dervish was arrested once on January 11, 2012 and after 46 days being under arrest in Shiraz intelligence and Adel Abad prison was released on the bail of 50 million Thomans and second time on March 14 of the same year on charge of interviewing with enemies’ medias and he is under arrest for 14 months.


Also Kasra Nouri with Saleh Moradi in protest to transferring the dervishes lawyers to solitaire cells and ward 209 of Evin prison were started hunger-strike and ended their hunger-strike after 90 days when the dervishes lawyers transferred back to public ward of Evin prison called 350.


Following is a part of verdict of court that given to the lawyer of this prisoner:


Referred to accusations on Kasra Nouri, 22, the son of Masoud from and resident of Shiraz based on propagandas against Islamic Republic regime, the court processed all the documents and attachments on the dossier such as reports of officers and the investigations in Shiraz revolutionary court that resulted issuing the indictment.


Because establishing such groups with intention of achieving their goals is  in their agenda such as establishing a website called Majzoobanenour that conducting by a group and referring to the activities of Gonabadi dervishes against Islamic Republic regime through cyber medias and the accused is one of the main administrators of the activities and helped in this matter; And as promoting innovations in doctrinal matters in society and promoting specific spiritual orientations results insecurity in society and might have the irrecoverable consequences then the accused wil b sentenced to one year imprisonment based on accusations in the dossier as membership in subversive groups against Islamic Republic regime, insulting on supreme leader of Iran and propaganda against regime and to 34 months imprisonment on charge of membership in subversive groups against Islamic Republic regime through establishing the specific websites that working on this particular matter and to six months imprisonment on charge of insulting on supreme leader.