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Mohammad Abdollahi and 5 other Prisoners Executed in Uremia

Posted on: 9th August, 2016
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Jabrail Kanaani

HRANA News Agency – Mohammad Abdollahi, political prisoner and 5 drug offenders were executed today in Central Prison of Uremia. Mohammad Abdollahi’s lawyer had insisted on his client’s innocence and asked the authorities to halt the execution.

According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency in Iran (HRANA), Mohammad Abdollahi, political prisoner in Uremia Prison and at least 5 other prisoners who had been transferred to solitary confinements were executed this morning.

Kamran Pouraft from Piranshahr, Tohid Pourmehdi from Uremia, Jahangir Razavizade from Uremia, Jabrail Kanaani from Uremia and a prisoner with unknown identity are the 5 others who were executed on drug-related charges.

Mr. Razavizade’s sife, Parisa Hatami (Agai) had also been transferred to the solitary confinement but was not executed for unknown reason.

A close source to Jahangir Razavizade had told HRANA’s reporter: “Mr. Razavizade and his wife are arrested and charged in the same case. Both of them have been sentenced to death. Their son was born in the prison and is now 3 years old. Last night the authorities said that the child was grown enough and gave it to Mr. Razavizade’s family outside the prison.”

These prisoners met their families for the last time last evening.

Mohammad Abdollahi’s lawyer, Mostafa Ahmadian had stated in an interview with HRANA: “There are many things which are wrong with this case. My client was never treated legally and fairly. He has never taken up guns.”

“I can give some examples of injustice in the case. My client was acquitted of the charge of Muharebeh. The attorney general and the prosecutor closed the case. The case was definitely closed and the judge of the revolutionary court had no right to open it again. He could not order the prosecution to reopen the case but he did it and the case was reopened.” He explained about the illegal procedures in his client’s case.

Mr. Ahmadian continued: “We asked for a retrial and the case was sent to the very branch which had issued the sentence whereas legally it should have been sent to another branch.”

“The sentence had to be stopped until the end of retrial. I ask the authorities to stop the execution so that we can move on with the retrial.” He said in the end.

Mohammad Abdollahi, political prisoner in Uremia Prison and at least 6 other prisoners have been transferred to solitary confinements to be executed.

Some hours ago their met their families for the last time.

Mohammad Abdollahi had been on hunger strike for 32 days in protest at the “unjust” verdict and the way of handling his case since May 29, 2016 and accepted to end his strike after the authorities had promised him to agree with his retrial.

During his hunger strike, Mohammad Abdollahi had written a letter to the Head of Judiciary and Mr. Ahmed Shaheed, Special Rapporteur of United Nations on the human rights situation in Iran. He demanded a fair trial for himself in this letter. The full text of the letter was published by HRANA.

Mohammad Abdollahi, 35, married and former resident of the city of Bokan was sentenced to death on charge of Muharebeh through membership in one of Kurdish opposition parties by branch 1 of the Revolutionary Court in Mahabad.

His death sentence was officially notified to him by the executive branch of Mahabad prison after being upheld by the Supreme Court in 2014.

Mohammad Amin Abdollahi, Mohammad Abdollahi’s brother is also a political prisoner in Birjand prison who went back to the prison on Sunday and after a short furlough.