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Narges Mohammadi Transferred to the Hospital

Posted on: 15th July, 2016
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Narges Mohammadi

HRANA News Agency – Narges Mohammadi was transferred to the hospital on the 6th day of hunger strike.

According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency in Iran (HRANA), Narges Mohammadi, deputy director of Human Rights Defenders, has gone on hunger strike in protest to denial of having telephone contact with her children, and was taken to the hospital on July 3.

A source close to the prisoner of conscience by announcing the news in an interview with HRANA’s reporter noted:  “She may be transferred to the hospital for blood check-ups of her disease, pulmonary embolism, which occurs every month in Iranmehr hospital.”

The source also added: “Her physical condition is very weak due to hunger strike.”

It is worth noting that Ms. Mohammed needs to take medicine to control her diseases and to continue the hunger strike can be dangerous for her health.

Ms. Mohammadi by writing a letter about why she decided to strike and stating that “she has no demand except talking with her children”, told  that despite the desire and physical disability, she had no way except to shout that “she is a mother” by going on hunger strike.

Deputy Prosecutor of Tehran told in the meeting with Narges Mohammadi on July 1 told her that the security officials disagree with her demand.

The human rights activist who recently was honored as “champion of freedom of information”, by the Reporters Without Borders, was sentenced to 16 years in prison at the court presided by Judge Salvati.

It is said that her main charge was partnership in LEGAM campaign (campaign to stop the executions step-by-step).

The activist suffered from pulmonary embolism, and crippling muscle disease and according to the doctors the complications of the disease exacerbated by stressful environments in the prison.

She has suffered from a nervous shock in prison while she was chained to the bed when she was transferred to the hospital.

Amnesty International, in a statement which was published recently demanded the immediate and unconditional freedom of Narges Mohammadi.