No news on condition of Sunni youth arrested four days ago

Posted on: 30th May, 2014
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  • Source: Sunni Prisoners Iran
Abdol Ghani Wahid

HRANA News Agency – There has been no news on the condition or whereabouts of a Sunni youth who was arrested in Iran four days ago.

According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), 21-year old Abdol Ghani Wahid was arrested on Sunday by agents from the Ministry of Intelligence in a raid on his father’s home in the village of Tanbalan in the Zarabad district, Sistan-Baluchestan province of Iran.

According to reports, agents told the family that they had ‘only a few questions’ to ask Abdol Ghani, and that he would be returned after they had finished.

After several hours passed with no news, his family visited the offices of the Ministry of Intelligence in Chabahar and Konorak to enquire about his whereabouts. However, officials denied that they had arrested him.