Pedram Pazireh Released on the Bail

Posted on: 26th April, 2018
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Pedram Pazireh

HRANA News Agency – Pedram Pazireh, the vice president of the Tehran University Union Council, who had been re-arrested after referring to the Branch 4 of the Moghadas court, to complete the investigations of the case on Friday February 19, was released on the bail.

According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency in Iran (HRANA), Pedram Pazireh, the Vice-President of Tehran University Union Council, was released on the bail on Wednesday, February 21.

Mr. Pazireh was summoned through a telephone call to Branch 4 of Moghadas court in Evin Prison, to complete the interrogation process, on February 17. This activist showed up at the Branch which had called him, on February 19, but was arrested again because of the change in his order from guarantor to bail.

The mass arrests of students of Tehran University, including Pedram Pazireh was carried out after the completion of a meeting of student activists with the head of the university about the students who had been arrested in recent events.

In previous reports, HRANA had mentioned the arrest of at least 14 students from the University of Tehran, including Mr. Pazireh, on the same day.