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Prison Guards Seize Saeid Sangar’s Personal Notes

Posted on: 27th June, 2017
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Saeid Sangar

HRANA News Agency – Special prison guard in Uremia prison seized the personal notes of Saeid Sangar, one of the oldest prisoners in this prison during their raid and investigation to political prisoner’s ward. In response to complaints from Mr. Sangar, officials said they were authorized to control the personal aspects of the prisoner’s life.

According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), ward number 12 of political prisoners in central prison of Uremia was investigated by the wardens and officials including, head of the guard, principals of wards, deputy of prison, head of security of prison on Thursday March 2.

During this investigation which was along damaging prisoners’ properties, no illegal item was found but notes from Saeid Sangar were seized.

Mr. Hossaini, head of investigation, responded to complaint of this prisoner “we have to know everything about you, even your personal issues”.

A close source to this political prisoner of Uremia prison told HRANA’s reporter regarding the damage to prisoners’ belonging, “this action by Uremia prison officials is even in violation of citizenship rights”.

Mr. Azadnia, head of security, Mr. Hossaini head of investigation, Mr. Khanzadeh deputy of prison, and Mr. Saeidzadeh, Mr. Ghanizaden and Mr. Farhang are other officials who were present and participated during the investigation that resulted in damaging prisoners’ properties.