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Prisoner Hanged in Rasht, Despite Warnings of Amnesty International

Posted on: 12th April, 2016
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Amnesty International

HRANA News Agency – Despite warnings of Amnesty International, Rashid Kouhi was executed on the charge of drug offenses without the right of appeal in Lakan prison of Rasht.

According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency in Iran (HRANA), Rashid Kouhi, at the morning of April 9, 2016 was executed in Lakan prison of Rasht in connection with the discovery of 800 g jar in his bag. Last entreaty of his family to stop the execution and earn a chance to submit an application was refused by the authorities.

The defendant and his family had never received proper legal advices until two days before his death and did not know that, according to the new changes in the Code of Criminal Procedure they could request a rehearing.

It is worth noting that the new Criminal Procedure Code (which entered into force in 2015) by the removal of Article number 32 of the law on combating drug crimes, returned the appeal right to drug crimes defendants.

According to Article 32, defendants of drug offenses were denied of the fundamental right to appeal and the death sentences issued was the final sentence by the attorney general of the Revolutionary Court or the Chief Justice.

However, according to Article 32 of the new Code, Rashid Kouhi did not have the right to protest and revision of the sentence and his demand had been rejected.

Amnesty International in a statement asked to stop the execution of Rashid Kouhi and strongly criticized and condemned the proceedings.