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Prisoners of Zahedan Prison Threatened not to Talk to Inspectors

Posted on: 14th February, 2018
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Zahedan Central Prison

HRANA News Agency – Zahedan prison, where there are many political and security detainees, has various problems due to its distance from the central, lack of oversight by the civil society and provincial deprivation, and has witnessed prisoners’ protests and their attempts to reach their voices in recent months aiming improvement in their situation in this prison. Eventually some officials were sent from capital to monitor the prisoners’ situation, but the prison officials threatened some prisoners who are on death raw trying to silence the prisoners, also disconnected the political prisoners’ ward’s telephones.

According to the Human Rights Activists News Agency in Iran (HRANA), Zahedan Central Prison suffers from mismanagement, poor facilities, and different manner based on the tastes of its officials.

The state of health, nutrition, management, the presence of drugs and the mafia inside the prison are complex in this prison, and prisoners have been struggling and protesting to change their circumstances.

In addition to numerous reports, HRANA in particular have described the problems of this prison in a recent report.

Following an increase in attention to the problems of the Zahedan Prison, controllers from the capital (Tehran) visited the Zahedan Central Prison and were investigating the complaints of prisoners there.

The expeditionary inspectors, without prior notice, went to the prison and, at the beginning of the visit, went to Ward 3 of the prison, where the political prisoners are kept. They filed prisoners’ complaints or problems.

During the inspection, prisoners of Ward 3 discussed their problems and as it was lunch time, prisoners were able to explain the bad quality of the food for inspectors.

In addition to observing the horrible quality of prison food, the inspectors also observed bath problems and breakdowns, toilets, and other problems of the ward.

It is said that at the end of the inspection and leaving the prison by the expeditionary authorities from capital, Mr. Khosravi, head of prison, and Mr. Khajeh. Prison Interior Director cut the telephone in Ward 3 of the prison. The jail deputy, Mahdowi, threatened prisoners in Ward 3, which is the location of the imprisonment of political prisoners, and said “Ward 3 of this prison is a security ward, and we are fully aware that the five prisoners with execution sentences report the prison news to human rights organizations.”

He threatened the death row prisoners with imminent execution of their sentences.

This is while; several sources have reported to HRANA that at the time of the prison inspection, Mr. Khajeh had ordered prisoners of Ward 5 and 6 to be transferred to the yard of their wards, so that they could not talk to the inspectors about their problems.

It was reported that the prison authorities tried to prevent the prisoners from discussing their problems so that when a prisoner interviewed the inspectors about the internal problems of the prison, the prison director photographed him and, after inspectors left the prison, prison director threatened him by that photo.

It is to say that the authorities’ threats were not limited to Wards 3 and 7 and the prisoners in Ward 1 were also told before the arrival of the inspectors: “If you criticize us and your ward condition, all facilities, visits and phones will be cut off.”

However, the expedition inspectors observed the bad situation in Ward 7, to the extent that they found out that not only newly arrived prisoners would not be given any blanket, but because of lack of carpet in the Qur’an class, blankets and carpets of other prisoners are also forcefully taken from them.

At the end, the prison authorities, while threatening political prisoners in Ward 3 who had no illegal action other than claiming their human and legal rights, said that “as long as the news of this Ward are sent to out of this prison, we will still keep your phones cut to insure that there is no contact to report your problems.”