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  • A report from protests of October 22nd in Isfahan

A report from protests of October 22nd in Isfahan

Posted on: 26th October, 2014
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Acid Attacks in Isfahan

HRANA News Agency – The habitants of Isfahan protested at social insecurity and recent acid attacks, in front of Judiciary office, on October 22nd.

According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), hundreds of inhabitants of Isfahan, shown their disappointments and obsession about the police and judicial with chanting slogans like “Hijab can’t be worn by force, Iran will not be Iraq” , “we don’t want enjoining with acid”,  “security, freedom, are our inalienable rights”, “Ahmadi Moghadam, resignation”, “police, shame on you”, “persecutor, this shout is the whining of our justice”, “victims, you are in our hearts” and announced solidarity with the victims. Protestors while opposing to mandatory Hijab, asked justice and effective dealing with perpetrators of recent acid attacks.

This protest that aligned with parade of mob turned to violence around Darvazeh Shiraz after the interference of police.

Another protest in Tehran and in front of the parliament and with the same goals and slogans was conducted.

A video of the protests in Isfahan: