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Saman Naseem Is Alive and Has Contacted His Family

Posted on: 13th July, 2015
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Saman Naseem

HRANA News Agency – Saman Naseem has not been executed and he has contacted his family from Zanjan prison.

According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency in Iran (HRANA), Aziz Mozhdehi, Saman Naseem’s solicitor, announcing this news told HRANA’s reporter: “On 11th July, Saman Naseem had made a direct telephone call to his family and has said that he was held in Zanjan prison, and the execution sentence had been stopped on his solicitor’s request and the head of the Judiciary order, and his retrial request was accepted and his case has been sent to the court for reconsideration.”

Mr. Mozhdehi says that it is about a month that he has been notified that Saman Nassem has not been executed, but he was not sure where he was being kept. He added that the request for holding the execution sentence and a retrial was submitted at the last-moment of execution to the judiciary.

Also, another document that was published on May, by Kamal Hosseini, human rights activist, shows that the retrial requested by Ali Khaledi, Saman naseem’s solicitor, has been accepted.

Saman Naseem, who has been sentenced to death, was transferred from ward 12 of Ormia prison to an unknown location on Wednesday 18th February, and since then there was contradictory news of the possibility of whether or not he was alive.

Since he was 17 years old, at the time of arrest, and under the international law, he was included to the Convention on the Children Rights, so that, variety of organizations and human rights groups showed great reactions towards his execution sentence.