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Sedigheh Moradi Deprived of Furlough and Phone Calls in the 4th Year of Imrpisonment

Posted on: 22nd August, 2015
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Sedigheh Moradi

HRANA News Agency – Sedigheh Moradi after more than 4 years of detention and imprisonment is still deprived of having furlough, and is suffering from illnesses caused by the imprisonment.

According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency in Iran (HRANA), Sedigheh Moradi, imprisoned political prisoner in the women’s ward of Evin prison after more than 4 years of her sentence and is suffering from the illnesses caused by the imprisonment.

The husband of this prisoner in an interview told HRANA’s reporter, “She was taken to the hospital for a MRI scan along with Mrs. Mahvash Shahriari on handcuffs and with guards and in a bad condition that the handcuffs were hurting them, as  they were sitting a long time in the queue to get their turn. Considering her age this made a problem for her. She is born in 1960.”

Mr. Khavas Seffat, the political prisoner’s husband, also noted that his daughter needed a mother at this age, explained an event discussed the problem as follows: “The last time we went to a journey, and she did not know about that. At the same journey and on the same route flood came. I was with my daughter. She did not have a telephone to make a contact and speak with her daughter. This contact was delayed until the week after visit, and she also had no leave. Her daughter was thirteen, fourteen years old, when she was imprisoned and now she is a girl of seventeen, eighteen years old, while this girl needs a mother, her mother did not have any telephone from prison or leave from prison, and except the visit day there is no other communication facility.”

“Since 2001, when she was arrested, she had no phone call or leave from the prison, but only a weekly visit with me and every two weeks with her daughter.” He added

Khavas Seffat mentioned that his wife was arrested for the third time and added: “The previous times she had got problem with her lumbar vertebra. We used to live in a third-floor flat and she had problems to use the stairs. They all passed, but with her history of arrest she has her own stomach discomfort. She is at the age of 55 with hard condition of illnesses.”

“Going on leave is not considered as a right for the prisoners. But they must fill out a form and apply for it and this is difficult for prisoners. Likewise the close meeting must be requested and it is not considered as a right for prisoners.” He said

At the end Khavas Seffat raised his request as: “Her daughter needs a mother more than anything. At least they can agree with her leave. Even according to the laws of the Islamic Republic, when a third of the sentence has been endured, prisoners can be released. As a father I cannot have the relationship that she has with her mother.”

Sedigheh Moradi, a political prisoner in the women’s ward of Evin prison, was arrested on 1st May 2011 and was transferred to ward 209 of Evin Prison. She was charged with combat and having connection with opposed groups by Branch 28 of the Revolutionary Court in Tehran, headed by Judge Mohammad Moghisehei, and was sentenced to 10 years imprisonment and exile in Rajai Shahr prison and the sentence was confirmed by the appeal court identically. This prisoner, who had been arrested twice in the 1980s, was kept in ward 209 for 7 months after her arrest, and in December 2011 she was transferred to the general ward.”