Siamak Mirzaei Ended His Hunger Strike in Evin Prison

Posted on: 15th September, 2017
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  • Siamak Mirzaei Ended His Hunger Strike in Evin Prison
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Siamak Mirzaei

HRANA News Agency – Siamak Mirzaei, Turk (Azeri) activist, ended his hunger strike following completion of case deficiencies and scheduling his trial just according to his primary demand.

According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency in Iran (HRANA), Siamak Mirzaei, Turk (Azeri) activist, and prisoner of ward number 8 of Evin prison, who had started a hunger strike on June 17th, in protest to continuous sabotage in the process of his case, high amoun of the bail and also completion of case deficiencies, ended his strike on Tuesday July 4, after his demands were fullfilled.

Mohammadreza Faghihi, lawyer of Siamak Mirzaei, was informed by authorities in a phone call that the case deficiencies are completed and sent to the appeal court and the trial was scheduled for July 8 in branch number 36.

Siamak Mirzaei had announced in an open letter written to head of ward number 8 of Evin prison on Friday, June 16, that he “will start a hunger strike in protest to sabotage in processing the case and high amount of the bail, and completion of deficiencies of the case”.

While his case was sent to branch number 36 of appeal court, but re-trail of this activist was postponed two times with the excuses like absence of judge, lack of documents like lawsuit, primary sentence, request of appeal or last defense memo.

One source confirmed this news and told HRANA’s reporter, “this civil rights activist who limited his meal to water only, has faced a blood pressure of 8 over 6 and reduction of weight of 12.5kg. This prisoner weighted 77 kg before the hunger strike which was reduced to 64.5 kg during the strike”.

Mirzaei who had been arrested on July 13, 2016, in Pars Abad of Moghan, without showing him any court order and was transferred to Evin prison, was finally sentenced to 10 years in prison and 2 years exile in Tabas, in the revolutionary court of Baharestan by judge Hasani.

An informed source told toHRANA’s reporter, “Siamak Mirzaei was charged with propaganda against the regime and transferred to Evin prison. After the transfer, the charge was changed to foundation of illegal groups and the trialed in the revolutionary court of Baharestan by presiding judge Hasani was based on this charge, without any evidence and even stating the group’s name and number of its members.”

Siamak Mirazei is a former graduate student who is now deprived of enrollment and studying, and was previously sentenced to 5 years in prison for another charge.