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Sohail Babadi’s Sentence Reduced in the Appeal Court

Posted on: 2nd September, 2016
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Sohail Babadi

HRANA News Agency – Finally, after four years and six months since the arrest of Sohail Babadi, prisoner of conscience in Rajai Shahr prison in Karaj, Branch 36 of the Tehran Appeals Court acquitted him of the charge of “gathering and colluding” and reduced five years of his sentence.

According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), on August 23, by the verdict of the appeal court, Sohail Babadi, prisoner of conscience was acquitted of the charge of “assembly and collusion against the regime”.

A close source to the Babadi family confirmed the news in an interview with HRANA’s reporter and said: “Mr. Babadi’s primary hearing was held in 2014 and he was sentenced to 2 years in prison on charge of insulting the Supreme Leader and 5 years in prison on charge of assembly and collusion. Despite all requests for a retrial, after a year of referral to Branch 36 of the Appeals Court, the court was ultimately held this year.”

The source added: “On August 23, the court’s verdict was delivered to him after four months. According to the verdict, Mr. Babadi was acquitted of the charge of collusion and was sentenced to two years in prison on charge of insulting the leadership.”

This source said at the end: “Babadi family hope this case will end finally after four and a half years. Mr. Babadi has two years of exile and 5 years imprisonment from the criminal court on charge of blasphemy which is the principle of the case. In addition, Article 134 is not implemented yet and the situation is not clear. His family followed the case at the court to be sent as quickly as possible to the executive branch but the only answer they have received is that it takes time. Imagine, more than two years, the case is still in the court. If the aggregation rules would be applied, the final sentence would be 5 years in prison and he would be free six months later. In the meantime, he could even be pardoned because blasphemy is a public crime.”

HRANA had reported previously that the last session of the appeal court of Sohail Babadi was held after 4 years by judge Poorarab on April 12.

Sohail Babadi, prisoner of Rajaei Shahr prison who is suffering from kidney infection and kidney stone, has been deprived of receiving medical treatment outside of prison and medical furlough, due to being in an undecided condition by the court.

Babadi was arrested for writing satiric articles in “Campaign to remind Shiites of Imam Naghi” on May 21, 2012. He was sentenced to 5 years in prison on charge of sacrilege and recently sentenced to another 7 years in prison, on charge of collusion against the national security and insulting the supreme leader.

Previously in a letter which was published from the prison by HRANA, he had announced beatings and sexual accusations by the interrogators to put pressure on him to confess. He had said that as a result of this pressure and threats, his wife had a miscarriage while she was 4-month-pregnant.  Babadi in this regard says in his letter: “When the interrogator heard the news during our phone calls (my wife’s calls are tapped by the IRGC intelligence) came to me and expressed his delight saying that the child must have been a bastard that suffered this fate.”