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  • A Message from Farzad Kamangar’s Mother for Global Day to Support Political Prisoners

A Message from Farzad Kamangar’s Mother for Global Day to Support Political Prisoners

Posted on: 16th June, 2011
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Mother_farzadTo break this lock, solidarity is essential!

I have said it numerous times in my messages and will say it again that we must think of our beloved prisoners and don’t allow them to be kept in prison, tortured and killed. No prisoner will be set free without our efforts because the cruelest and the most apathetic individuals are tasked to decide the prisoners’ fate. To break this lock, solidarity is essential.

There must be solidarity between families, and people must help them. Certainly, this assistance does exist. We must ask why our loved ones are imprisoned when they are innocent; we must ask what gives the authorities the right to kill our children. Although many years have passed, a large number of families still don’t know in which prison their children are locked up or even whether they are still alive or already slaughtered. Those families whose children are slain don’t know where they are buried.

Thousands of families similar to me are wandering from town to town. What law, which God and which human can accept this? What was my Farzad’s crime? He only said that a human being must live like one. The authorities imprisoned my son for this reason and executed him.

For sure, there are other young individuals who wish to live like a human and state the same desire similar to my son. Why should they be imprisoned? How long must these mothers suffer, weep and wear black for mourning? I am a mother who has suffered immensely both when my Farzad was in prison and now that the authorities have taken him from me. I understand what other mothers go through for their loved ones day and night. I neither wish grief nor pain even for my enemies’ mothers because I am a mother myself. I want no mother wail for her child.

I say this to all the families of political prisoners and to all human beings. The only solution out of the current situation is solidarity. We must become united as one in both inside the country and abroad. From all the defenders of human rights organizations, I request not to forget this country’s youth and not to permit the authorities to imprison our young and murder them. It is enough.

I kiss your all.