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  • Political Prisoners Invited Behnam Ebrahimzadeh to End Hunger Strike

Political Prisoners Invited Behnam Ebrahimzadeh to End Hunger Strike

Posted on: 8th January, 2015
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HRANA News Agency – On Wednesday 3 December 2014, Behnam Ebrahimzadeh was transferred from Ward 12 of Karaj Rajaee Shahr Prison which is designated to Political and Conscious Prisoners to another ward which is home to prisoners with heavy sentences and criminals on his return from the court.

He had initiated a hunger strike on the same day and was in extreme health condition during the hunger strike.

In a letter, a group of Political Prisoners invited BehnamEbrahimZadeh to end his hunger strike which is in the following:

Dear inmate, Mr Behnam Ebrahim Zadeh

Talorating a hunger strike for more than a month and your persistence to continue it illustrates your seriousness in meeting your demands which is highly respectable. However, considering your child critical condition and his sickness , the extreme mental pressure on your wife and your family because of your hunger strike and also your concerning physical condition ( Kidney problem and Gastrointestinal Bleeding which we have witnessed ) , we , as a group of Political Prisoners would like to invite you to end your hunger strike considering the mentioned points.

We hope that no political prisoner has to go on hunger strike to meet his demands.

Political Prisoners at Karaj Rajaee Shahr Prison:

Shahrokh Zamani, Saeed Masouri, Mohammad Ali Mansouri, Saleh Kohandel, Misagh Yazdan Nejad, Javad Foladvand, Asadollah Hadi, Reza Akbari, Mahdi Farahani, HeshmatollahTabarzadi, Hojatollah Hatami, Afshin Heyratian, Iraj Hatami, Shahin Zoghi Tabar.