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  • Statement of Death-Row Prisoners at Ghezel Hesar Prison in Karaj

Statement of Death-Row Prisoners at Ghezel Hesar Prison in Karaj

Posted on: 31st December, 2014
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HRANA News Agency – The prisoners of the unit 2 of Karaj-Ghezelhesar prison who have been sentenced to death on drug-related charges started a hunger strike from Monday (December 1st) to Sunday (December 7th), protesting against the recent increasing of the number of executions in Iran in the last couple of weeks.


These prisoners issued a statement, a copy of which has been submitted to HRANA as follows:

“In the name of God who created the life as asset of our lives”

December 10th is the International Day of Human Rights. Therefore, we, the prisoners of the Unit #2 of Karaj- Gezelhesar prison ask the supreme Leader of Iran and the leaders of the three branches of government and the international community for support and the opportunity to survive and return to the center of our families and redress the past wrongdoings.

According to the order of Islam and the Quran, life is the first and greatest gift of God, who is the most kind and the merciful. So, why we should carry out unjust death penalty that takes away life within the blink of an eye !!!

Over the last three decades, has execution of individuals with drug related charges ever been successful in controlling the addiction and reducing the number of drug smugglers? Isn’t this closing eyes on the issue and deleting the entire problem without looking for an appropriate solution? Isn’t the government responsible to reform the society instead of putting the responsibility on the wrongdoers and orphaned families of the executed individuals? This is particularly true knowing that most of these individuals had not been involved with any other criminal act prior to drug related incidents. Shouldn’t we remember that the number one goal of the law of reforming criminal acts was to reduce the level of crime in the society and not to get rid of individuals committing these crimes?

Has the society reached the conclusion that in order to resolve the problem of drug addiction, the drug-related criminals and their innocent families should face more execution decrees and loss of lives? Don’t we agree that the death penalty would promote the negative sense of revenge and violence in the society? How many more individuals must be executed to prove the inefficiency of death sentence? !!!

Has the severest punishment, the death penalty, which aims to reduce crime by teaching lessons to others been able to reduce the amount and purpose of trafficking and smuggling? Has the objective of legislation been achieved by implementing such an unjust and sever punishment?

Can execution serve as a solution to the drug trafficking and addiction while it can only increase the number of orphaned children, widowed spouses, and grieving mothers and fathers; lead to poverty, prostitution, psychological and personal problems; spread violation in the society; and avenge families of executed individuals? !!!

Has there been any root-cause analysis from social, economic, cultural, familial, and environmental perspectives to stop or limit the growth of this problem in the society instead of executing the individuals who have been dragged into the drug related crimes unwantedly? Is it possible to address the root cause of addiction and use of drugs in the society solely through increasing death sentences without paying attention to the modification of economic and security infrastructure of the country?

It is undeniable that neither cruel legislation (such as death sentence) nor indifference and ignorance cannot help treatment and reducing the addition in the society.

Undoubtedly, none of us, as individuals involved in the drug related crimes, are happy with our past behaviors and criminal acts. We have repeatedly regretted what we have done in the past and ask the people of Iran and whoever reads this statement to forgive us and support our request to stop the death sentences.

We ask the supreme leader and the heads of the three governmental branches to stop the inefficient death penalties and give us another chance to compensate for our mistakes and live besides our families.

We hope that by dismissing the unjust death penalties everybody will be given another opportunity to compensate for their bitter past and enjoy living with their families and see smiles on the faces of their hardworking parents, loyal wives and children.

While HRANA has reserved a list of signatures, it was not possible to publish them due to the large number of signatures.