Video Footage of Graves of Executed Political Prisoners at Home Yards

Posted on: June 28th, 2015

HRANANews Agency – Political prisoners massacre in the 80’s, is undeniable and also sad reality of Iranian contemporary history and an old wound on the body of civil society. These mass executions were happened between 1380 to 1388 across the country, and its victims were buried in different parts and in different ways, in addition that many burial places were never specified, in the cities, especially in the Northern region of country such as Golestan province due to lack of permission to bury victims in a public cemetery. The bodies of many of those executed had been buried by their families in their private homes.

The following footage is a short illustrated report that gives the story of the burial site for some of the victims in the village of “Gaz Sharghi” of Bandar Gaz in Golestan province. The identity of those executed and buried in the yard of their homes in the video, are as follow: (more…)