Lack of Water in Khorin Prison in Varamin

Posted on: July 13th, 2017

HRANA News Agency – Since about a month ago the hot water and from one week ago, the cold water in Khorin prison in Varamin have been cut off. These have caused hygiene and health problems because prisoners do not have water to take a shower. On the other hand, prisoners are forced to buy drinking water from the prison shop on a high price. Prison officials say that there is a flaw in the technical system and also the lack of funds to fix it, are the cause of the crisis, which threatens the health and lives of several thousand prisoners.

A number of prisoners and families of prisoners of Khorein prison, located in Kheirabad of Varamin, have told HRANA: “It is more than a month that the prisoners had not taken shower, because hot water was cut off and it is more than a week that cold water has been cut off in this prison, as well.” (more…)