3 prisoners hanged in public in Shiraz

Posted on: 7th August, 2014
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Public executions

HRANA News Agency – The execution of three prisoners, who were charged with armed robbery and rape, was carried out in North-west of Shiraz on August 3rd.

According to Fararou, these three people had been charged with 12 cases of armed robbery with harassment, and one case of rape. They were arrested by police last September.

Judiciary bureau claimed this three-membered gang was robbing in Guyam region, by entering to the gardens of north-west of Shiraz, and were tying off the owners and harassing them by gun.

These people were arrested last September and had been sentenced to death in public.

These people had 46 plaintiff and execution was conducted at the crime place with presence of many people.

These prisoners were defined as corruption on earth elements (Mofsed-e-filarz) by branch number one of revolutionary court of Shiraz.

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