Abbas Lisani Put on Trial in Meshgin Shahr

Posted on: 15th June, 2017
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  • Abbas Lisani Put on Trial in Meshgin Shahr
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Abbas Lisani

HRANA News Agency – The court hearing of Abbas Lisani, Turk (Azeri) activist from Ardabil and former political prisoner, was held in Branch one of the Revolutionary Court in Meshgin Shahr after changing the location of public and revolutionary courts. Mr. Lisani gave his defense in Turkish, which was accepted, unlike the previous sessions.

According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency in Iran (HRANA), the last trial of Abbas Lisani was held in Branch one of the Revolutionary Court of Meshgin Shahr on March 7, 2017.

Propaganda against the regime through the speech at a wedding party in Meshkin Shar, was the title of his charge and the judge asked this civil rights activist to provide his last defenses on his charge for this Court to consider.

Mr. Lesani rejecting the accusation and gave his written defense in Turkish to the judge.
The judge after receiving and reading the text announced the end of the session.

It should be mentioned that in the first hearing of this case, the written Turkish defense provided by Mr. Lisani, faced a negative reaction by the judge.

The reaction that Mr. Lisani believed, was because of the judge’s ignorance of the “Clear text of the law regarding the civil trial procedure”, and noted the citizens’ rights in this issue to him. Earlier in the case, “Aydin Zakeri”, a civil rights activist in Meshgin Shahr, that Mr. Lesani’s speech was given in his wedding ceremony, was acquitted of the charges, after being summoned and tried by the Revolutionary Court in this city.