Ali Akbar Baghani Exiled to the City of Zabol

Posted on: 11th May, 2016
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Ali Akbar Baghani

HRANA News Agency – At the same time with the “Teachers day” in Iran, Ali Akbar Baghani, Vice-President of the Teachers Union, who was recently released from prison, in continuation of his sentence was exiled for 10 years to Zabol city in Sistan and Baloochestan province.

According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency in Iran (HRANA), Ali Akbar Baghani, Vice-President of the Iranian Teachers’ Trade Union, who had been sentenced to one years imprisonment and 10 years exile to Zabol city, in the case of 2010 by branch 26 of the Revolutionary presided by Judge Pir Abbasi, on charges of propaganda against the regime, was sent to exile.

General Secretary of the Teachers Union was released by the end of the sentence in the last days of March, and according to the Prosecutor General of Tehran was on a short time leave on the bail until being sent to the penal colony. His sentence of exile to Zabol city was carried out on May 1st.

Ali Akbar Baghani had been arrested on May 24, 2015, after he attended the court in Evin prison and was transferred to Rajai Shahr prison to endure his sentence.

It is to say that, in 2010 and after a meeting of the Central Council, Mr. Ismail Abdi, at the Department of Education, Islamshahr Branch and Mahmoud Beheshti Langroodi and Ali Akbar Baghani in Tehran, were arrested and sent to detention in ward 209 of Evin, and each of them were held in solitary confinement for about two months in ward 209 of Evin prison. Then, they were released on heavy bails.

His previous conviction for Teachers protest in front of the Parliament, in 2006, when he was sentenced to 5 years of suspended imprisonment, was changed to imprisonment, after his conviction for his 2010 case was upheld, so that he was sentenced to 6 years imprisonment and 10 years exile to Zabol city for two cases.