Alireza Rasooli Tried in Mahabad Revolutionary Court

Posted on: 8th August, 2015
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Alireza Rasooli

HRANA News Agency – A trial was held for the new charges against Alireza Rasooli, political prisoner in Mahabad and there will be further sessions as well.

According to the sources of Human Rights Activists News Agency in Iran (HRANA), at this meeting, in addition to “propaganda against the regime”, inciting and taking part in recent protests in Mahabad were put on Alireza Rasooli, after he denied these allegations and said that in the date of the protests he was in prison, the judge wanted a rehearing and presence of an expert.

The Case Expert is a term that judges and judicial officials use for interrogator or interrogation team.

Alireza Rasooli was recently deployed in Branch 2 of Mahabad by the ivestigator, zaheri, for informing him of charges of gathering and collusion against national security, and the reason for this charge has been announced as; having connection and sending news to the outside of prison.

On the other hand Mahabad prison authorities have opposed with the punishment intolerance order request while this political prisoners is suffering from serious physical problems such as lung infections, knee problem, and bone tissue erosion that progresses and is spreading into other parts of his body.

After his disease developed, he had gone on hunger strike to protest against the lack of medical attention and being deprived of hospital treatment outside the prison, and because of that he was held in solitary confinement for 20 days while he was on hunger strike.

One of HRANA’s source and relatives of this political prisoner, formerly, regarding his physical condition, had told HRANA’s reporter:  “Alireza is suffering from serious and unknown diseases of bone tissue erosion, that is developing to different parts of his body, and the doctor in Ormia prison, after seeing the MRI image, clearly said that he is wondering that he was still on his feet and could walk, and as someone who has lived with him, I can only say that only the morale has kept Alireza alive. ”

Alireza Rasooli was arrested on 2nd August 2012 after participating in the different peaceful gatherings, and was transferred to the Intelligence office in Mahabad and then was moved to Mahabad prison. He was tried in Branch 1 of the Revolutionary Court on charges of propaganda against the regime, acting against national security through gathering and collusion and supporting and membership in PJAK. He was acquitted of membership in PJAK and for other charges he was sentenced to a total of three and a half years imprisonment, which was upheld in the Court of Appeals.

This political prisoner was exiled to the prison of Ormia, after his sentence was finalized on 26th February 2014 and in March 2014 he was returned back to Mahabad prison.