Arash Sadeghi Met Golrokh Irai in the Court

Posted on: 2nd January, 2017
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Arash Sadeghi

HRANA News Agency – On December 4, a group of prisoners in the women’s ward of Evin prison sat out to protest against the exclusion of a meeting between Golrokh Irai and her husband, Arash Sadeghi. Finally, at 7 pm the couple were able to meet in the Office of Enforcement.

According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency in Iran (HRANA), on December 4, Arash Sadeghi met Golrokh Irai in the Office of Enforcement, after the protest by prisoners in the women’s ward of Evin.

Prisoners in the women’s ward of Evin prison sat out to protest against the exclusion of a meeting between the couple while Arash Sadeghi was in critical condition on the 41st day of his hunger strike.

A close source to the couple told HRANA’s reporter, “After several hours of gathering by a large number of prisoners, officials arranged a meeting and Arash Sadeghi met Golrokh Irai in the Office of Enforcement for half an hour.”

Arash Sadeghi, civil rights activist who is imprisoned to serve his 19-year imprisonment sentence, has gone on strike hunger since October 24 in protest against the arrest of his wife, Golrokh Ebrahimi Irai, to endure her six years imprisonment.

It is worth noting Mr. Sadeghi was transferred to the hospital because of his low blood pressure and feeling sick and vomiting blood clots. He was returned to the prison because of refusing the serum injection.

Arash Sadeghi who is held in ward eight of Evin prison is losing the power of speech and he says the words in cross-sections. He had frequently passed out over the last week. Mr. Sadeghi at this time had “blood vomiting” and suffered severe heart palpitations.

It should be noted, Arash Sadeghi who is held in Hall 10 of ward 8 of Evin prison, after his wife, Golrokh Ebrahimi Iraei, was arrested to serve her six-year prison sentence, wrote a letter and announced her arrest as an illegal action and went on hunger strike.

This political prisoner later on, in an open letter mentioned the documented issues of violated rights in the process of arrest, interrogation, trial and sentencing, and then implementing this verdict, in his wife’s case.

Golrokh Ebrahimi Irai was transferred to Evin prison by the security forces without receiving written summons. She is currently imprisoned in women’s ward in this prison.