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The letter of Malik Mohammad Abadian’s Daughter to the Chief of Police Force in Sistan and Baluchestan

Posted on: 6th February, 2015
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HRANA News Agency – Following the arrest of around 30 Sunni citizens of Balouchestan in January 4th, 2015, the chief of the police force in Balouchestan, Colonel Rahimi, told media that some of the arrested individuals have confessed to be involved in the assassination of Molavi Jangi Zehi, the head of the Basij force in Ahmad Abad Rask who was killed in February, 2011 by unknown people.

This was despite the fact that 10 people had previously suffered from heavy sentences on the same charges and regarding the same incident. Therefore, the daughter of Malek Mohammed Abadian, one of the previously arrested individuals, responded to the recent claims of the chief of police force and highlighted the contradictions in his remarks. Her letter has been published by “Blaouch activists” and indicated below:

Honorable Chief of the police force of the province, Mr. Hossein Rahimi

Greetings and blessings;

My name is Nasrin Abadian, the daughter of Malek Mohammed Abadian. In March 2011, my father and three brothers (Abdul Hadi, Abdullah Gul Mohammad, and Javad), my uncle and my cousin (Nezamodin Mohammad) along with Maulavi Naghshbandi and his son Faqir Muhammad were arrested by the officers of the ministry of intelligence.

Honorable Chief Rahmi, I am writing to you because almost all of my siblings and relatives have been arrested with baseless charges while several remarks (with clear discrepancies) from the authorities have been recently published in this regard. I wish I had written this letter months ago, however I had no time to do this after being concerned about the recent arrest of around 30 young individuals of my town, Nasirabad Sarbaz.

Mr. Rahimi, in your speech after the recent arrest of 30 young individuals from Nasir Abad Sarbaz, you indicated that a number of newly arrested people have already confessed taking part in the the assassination of Maulavi Jangi Zehi. This is exactly the point of discrepancy that I have observed. I cannot understand how you have arrested these new individuals while you had recently mentioned that this assignation case was closed.  This is exactly the point that we have been trying to clarify and believed from the beginning that all allegations against all arrested individuals including my relatives are simply baseless.

Mr. Rahimi, you and your friends in the ministry of intelligence arrested my beloved family members about 3 years ago without any proof, without committing any crime, or any witness. You charged them with the most punishable charges of “Mohareb” (fighting against the God) and acting against national security and sentenced them to “death” based on the confessions forcefully obtained in the prison. They were held in the quarantine in the prison of Zahedan and their so-called confessions broadcasted in the national TV but you are now clearly but indirectly confess that those accusations were nothing but a vicious scenario and all the confessions were lies carefully planned in advance.

Mr. Chief Rahimi, it is correct to say that you and your friends have never retreated from your failed position. Although the people of Rask protested against the arrest of innocent people including my father, Maulavi Naghshbandi, and my brothers, you tried to force the demonstrators to become silent by shooting and killing one of the demonstrators. You later called the demonstrators “anti-revolutionary” but you never mentioned that they were asking for justice. Later, the family of Maulavi Shahid Jangi Zehi wrote several letters to the authorities, emphasizing on the innocence of my father and other arrested individuals. His family along with several parliamentarians and authorities from the province of Balouchestan visited my family members in the prison. However, none of these arguments were sufficient for you, insisting that the arrested individuals committed the crime. Now, considering the discrepancies in your remarks, my question for you is this: why don’t you leave my loved ones alone and set them free?

Mr. Rahimi, we expect justice from the Islamic Republic. We ask you to not let personal emotions and feelings determine the fate of this case and arrested individuals. I demand the freedom of my family members and expect that you don’t deprive me of having my father beside me and his guardianship. Please don’t let the people of Balouchestan get hurt any further.

I clearly see that the case of new arrested individuals is moving towards the same direction as my father’ and brothers’ did; baseless charges, and forceful confession under physical torture and psychological pressure while their families are suffering from the same problems my mother and sister have been suffering for the last three years.

Nasrin Abadian

Daughter of Malek Mohammed Abadian and sister of Abdol-hadi, Javad, and Abdullah