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Ayoub Asadi on the 20th Day of Hunger Strike

Posted on: 25th June, 2016
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Ayoub Asadi

HRANA News Agency – Ayoub Asadi, political prisoner who is ill and has been exiled to Kashmar, is on the 20th day of his hunger strike to protest against the lack of medical care and medical leave, as well as the unfair sentence of 20 years imprisonment. His family has no news of him and is concerned about him.

According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency in Iran (HRANA), Ayoub Asadi, exiled political prisoner in Kashmar, who suffers from asthma, lumbar disc and intestinal problems, has gone on hunger strike since June 5, to protest against the lack of medical care for his diseases and medical leave, and the unfair sentence of 20 years imprisonment.

A close source to his family by announcing this news in an interview told HRANA: “The Asadi family has no news about their son who suffered from different diseases on the 20th day of hunger strike.”

The source stressed: “Mr. Asadi has not contacted his family from prison and this has increased their concerns.”

On the fourth day of his hunger strike of HRANA reported from a source close to Asadi family about his arrest, prosecution proceedings and obstruction of Kashmar in spite of the bail being ready for the furlough.

HRANA had reported earlier that Ayoub Asadi has been deprived of family visit over the past two years due to the long distance and his family’s and his repeated requests for being moved to Kurdistan province have been ineffective.

Ayoub Asadi who has already spent five years of his sentence in prison of Kashmar, had been arrested in one of the villages of Sanandaj by the Revolutionary Guards in 2011. He was charged with Muharebeh through communication and cooperation with the Kurdish opposition parties.

This former resident of Kamyaran, after one year of detention, in August 2012 was tried by Branch One of the Revolutionary Court in Sanandaj and was sentenced to twenty years imprisonment and exile to Kashmar.

This prisoner spent some time in prison in Sanandaj and then was deported to Kashmar prison.