Balouch civilian killed in police firing

Posted on: 26th January, 2014
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  • Editor: Human
  • Translator: Siavash Irani
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Gergij Khalid

HRANA News Agency – Coast Guard Police, opened fire on the young Balouch civilians, wounded three and killed one of them.


According to HRANA reporters, the news organization of Human Rights Activists in Iran, on January, 8, 2014, the Coast Guard of the Police Force of Ramydan area (also known as Hour) in Chabahar opened fire on four civilians, one of whom was killed because of severe injury.


The victim’s name is Gergij Khalid, the son of Abdullah, whose relatives reported that the police opened fire at him with suspicion of diesel smuggling. There is a cemetery in the Ramydan village to bury only individuals killed by border patrol police.


Being in the Pakistani city of Jiyouni neighborhood, the people of Hour, Beris, and Pasabandar often cross the border, carrying diesel back and forth. Nevertheless, many of these people have been shot by Iranian patrol police.