Dozen Detained for Alleged Ramadan Violations in Garmsar

Dozen Detained for Alleged Ramadan Violations in Garmsar

According to the Public and Revolutionary Prosecutor of Garmsar, Semnan Province, twelve individuals were apprehended on April 1 for purportedly violating Ramadan regulations, as per Basij News Agency. Additionally, several others were reportedly arrested for public alcohol consumption.

“In an effort to address breaches of Ramadan regulations, twelve individuals were apprehended during inspections of parks and recreational areas, and legal proceedings have been initiated against them,” stated prosecutor Vahid Mohammadi.

“Furthermore, several individuals were detained for consuming alcohol in public, and multiple motorcycles and vehicles were seized,” he added.

The identities of the detainees and the location of their detention were not disclosed in the report.

It’s worth noting that while eating and drinking during Ramadan isn’t explicitly criminalized in Iranian laws, Article 638 of the Islamic Penal Code allows penalties for actions deemed Haram (forbidden) in Islamic jurisprudence, ranging from ten days to two months imprisonment or up to 74 lashes.

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