Ebraim Firuzi Beaten While Being Transferred to the Court / Trial Postponed

Posted on: 17th July, 2016
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Ebraim Firuzi

HRANA News Agency – Ebraim Firuzi, Christian prisoner of Rajaei Shahr prison, who had previously announced that he would not attend the appeal court, was transferred to the court by the use of excessive force and was beaten by prison authorities. This is while the court session was postponed due to absence of one the judges.

According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), Ebrahim Firuzi, Christian convert, was transferred to branch number 36 of the appeal court of Tehran province by use of excessive force and was beaten.

A close source to this prisoner told HRANA’s reporter: “Today [July 22] was the date of the court session of appeal court of Ebrahim Firuzi. He had previously announced in a letter that he would not attend, because the court did not accept the new evidences. However, his lawyer would be present. Head of the ward was aware about that announcement.”

This source continued, “Even though Mr. Firuzi has been ill and was transferred to the clinic a night before, after his refusal for attendance in the court session, prison guards started beating him and took him to the court by use of excessive force.”

This source added, “Despite this violent behavior, the judge has told him that they were aware about the letter and he could wait outside of the court. Bur, Mr. Firuzi explained what had happened during and before coming to the court and stated that ‘now that I am here I want to stay.’ However, the court session was cancelled and postponed, due to absence of one the judges.”

Need to be mentioned, Ebrahim Firuzi was tried in branch number 28 of the revolutionary court by judge Moghiseh on March 8, 2015, while he could meet his lawyer for the first time in the court room.

Ebrahim Firuzi has been sentenced to 5 years in prison for his peaceful believes, based on article 498 of the penal code.

This converted to Christianity, who was arrested on August, 25, 2013, has multiple arrests in his record and was previously sentenced to a year in prison and two years exile to Sarbaz, by the revolutionary court of Robatkarim. Despite ending his sentence on January 13, he is still being kept in prison until the sentence of his new case will be known.

Ebrahim Firuzi is currently kept in ward number 10 of Rajaei Shahr prison, in violation of separation of prisoner’s act.