Foad Rezazadeh in Critical Physical Condition in Rajai Shahr Prison

Posted on: 8th August, 2017
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Foad Rezazadeh

HRANA News Agency – Foad Rezazadeh, Sunni prisoner in Rajai Shahr prison is in critical physical condition because of the impact the recent hunger strike. The prisoner whose digestive system was damaged as well as his kidney is still being deprived of necessary medical services.

A close source to Mr. Rezazadeh told HRANA’s reporter about his physical condition, “Mr. Rezazadeh’s hunger strike effected his digestive system and kidneys. Despite passage of a few months since end of his hunger strike, he still needs health care for his digestive system and kidneys.”

The informed source added about the details of the medical condition of Mr. Rezazadeh “in addition to his digestive system, he has still problems with digesting solid food. He suffers pain of kidneys with minimal temperature changes and sometimes the pain is associated with fever for several days. The prisoners in the ward do not have access to the prison shop for food preparation and also hot water since March 23, 2017.”

It should be noted that Foad Rezazadeh, Sunni prisoner in hall 21 of ward 7 of Rajai Shahr prison in Karaj had gone on hunger strike to protest against the denial of furlough, despite the death of his father since November 20. Mr. Rezazadeh was sent to the hospital in coma on December 11, and in the evening of the same day despite physical ailments, he was returned to the prison.

Then, Sunni scholars including Kak Hassan Amini, the religious judge of Kurdistan and Mollana Gargij, one of the Sunni leaders of Iran called on him to end his hunger strike in separate messages.

On the other hand, prison administration announced the agreement with the 8-day furlough by the prosecutor and asked his family to provide the bail to send Mr. Rezazadeh to furlough.

Finally, Mr. Rezazadeh ended hunger strike after 23 days by the request of activists and Sunni scholars.

It should be noted that Mr. Rezazadeh who was sentenced to 5 years in prison, has served 3 years and 5 months of his sentence.

The prisoner had already been arrested in 2011 and served a year and six months of imprisonment.