Anwar Khezri Imprisoned with no Verdict since 7 Years ago

HRANA News Agency – Anwar Khezri, Sunni prisoner in Rajai Shahr prison is still in uncertainty after seven years of imprisonment after violation of his death sentence by the Supreme Court. Mr. Khezri is serving his prison sentence while suffering from shortness of breath, pain in the chest caused by torture but is still prevented from being transferred to the hospital and treatment and his medical records have disappeared as well.

According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency in Iran (HRANA), Anwar Khezri Sunni prisoner was arrested in 2009. His death sentence was overturned by the Supreme Court in 2010, but still he remains in uncertainty despite the passage of seven years.

Mr. Khezri was tortured by tapping his chest via iron weights by interrogators during detention at the Urmia Intelligence Office.

This torture hurt his vital organs while leaving him suffering the shortness of breath and pain in the chest, heart and lungs.

In 2015, he was sent to the Rajai hospital in Karaj by his repeated requests. Doctors diagnosed the symptoms as a result of a heavy blow and called on his admission, which was not approved by the prison authorities.

Soon after his transfer, his medical records which were kept in the clinic of prison disappeared.

Anwar Khezri told his relatives, his current situation is a kind of “Soft Execution “.

A close person to Mr. Khezri told HRANA’s reporter, “due to ambiguous disappearance of medical records of Mr. Khezri, doctor of the clinic re-ordered prior examinations and tests for Anwar to be taken in the hospital, however, he was not sent.”

Anwar Khezri along with six other prisoners named David Abdullahi, Kamran Sheikha, Farhad Salimi, Khosrow Besharat, Ghasem Abeste and Ayoub Karimi, had been held in custody since December 7, 2009.

The seven prisoners were sentenced to death in 2015 by judge Moghise but one year later the Supreme Court violated their death sentences.

The Sunnis prisoners were charged with acting against national security, propaganda against the regime, belonging to Salafist groups, corruption on earth and waging war by security forces, although the details of their activities have not been clarified by authorities and judicial organs.

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