Four prisoners were hanged in Qazvin

Posted on: 24th September, 2013
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  • Editor: Human
  • Translator: Sohrab Rassi
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HRANA News Agency – Esmaeil Sadeghi, public prosecutor of Ghazvin, published the news of the execution of four people in central prison of Qazvin.


According to Mehr News Agency and Radio Zamaneh, Esmaeil Sadeghi said in a conference press, “today morning, death sentences of 5 murderer and drug dealers have been executed; one execution halted, due to forgiveness of victim’s family”.


He announced the name of people who executed as “B.A” (26 YEARS OLD), “F.GH” (28 YEARS OLD) from Gilan, married, “M.Y” (26 years old) who murdered a 18 years old in a conflict with knife- He did not had any criminal record, “D, N” (43 years old), and “R.M” (43 years old from Hamadan”.


In this conference, Sadeghi said during last year 18 criminals have been executed in Qazvin province, and some other execution will be carried out till the end of the year.

It is reported that near 100 people were executed in Iran since Hassan Rohani’s government came to power.