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Golrokh Ebrahimi Irai Must Serve Another 22 Months

Posted on: 12th September, 2017
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  • Golrokh Ebrahimi Irai Must Serve Another 22 Months
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Golrokh Ebrahimi Irai

HRANA News Agency – Golrokh Ebrahimi Irai, imprisoned human rights activist, is still in Evin prison as well as her husband, Arash Sadeghi. Mrs. Irai has been in prison since 2016 and after a while her imprisonment sentence was reduced from 60 months to 30 months.

According to the report of Human Rights Activist News Agency in Iran (HRANA), Golrokh Ebrahimi Irai, imprisoned civil activist in the Women’s Ward of Evin Prison, will remain in jail for no more than 22 months until being released.

The first sentence of Mrs. Irai was 6 years imprisonment which was reduced to 5 years imprisonment by applying accumulation of sentences, and then at the time the verdict was reduced to 30 months imprisonment because of Nowruz’s amnesty.

According to the prison calendar, if the conditions do not change, Mrs. Irai will continue to be held in jail for another 22 months.

It should be reminded that Golrokh Ebrahimi Irai, Human Rights Defender and wife of Arash Sadeghi (another imprisoned human rights activist) was arrested on September 6, 2014. Then in April of 2015, she was sentenced to 6 years imprisonment in Branch 15 of Tehran’s Revolutionary Court on charges of insulting holy sanctuaries and propaganda against the regime, which was confirmed in Branch 54 of the Appeals Court without her presence.

Mrs. Ebrahimi Irai was arrested on October 24, 2016, without receiving a written summons by security forces for the execution of the 6-year imprisonment and was transferred to Evin Prison.

This human rights activist was accused of insulting holy sanctuaries and blasphemy based on an unpublished story criticizing stoning and taking stoning as sacred. Other examples of her charges include the lack of hijab and the promotion of not wearing hijab through sharing her photos with her husband on Facebook, opposition to retaliation order, signing a statement in opposition to the death penalty, participation in gatherings to support political prisoners, and meeting with Political prisoners.

Mrs. Irai who used to suffer from a severe illness, went to jail without a full medical treatment, and now needs medical treatment.