HRANA Has Published Its 6th Annual Report

Posted on: 5th July, 2015
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Annual report

HRANA News Agency – The Center of Statistics and Publications of Human Rights Activists in Iran has published its 6th annual report about the condition of Human Rights in Iran.

The report includes the Human Rights issues in Iran during March 2014 – March 2015 (The Iranian year 1993).

The report contains the reports that HRANA has received as well as the reports published by official and nongovernmental sources. The report also has paid specific attention to changes in the status of Human Rights in Iran.

The report does not claim to be totally inclusive however it could shine a light on the matters which would interest the researchers, media and international organizations. The names of executed political prisoners and the death row ones, detainees and the statistical view on the executions are some aspects of this report.

The Persian version of the report can be downloaded here and the full English version will be published as soon as its translation and edition is finished.