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The Images of Court Verdicts of 4 Civil Rights Activists

Posted on: 13th June, 2015
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Ali Noori

HRANA News Agency – The images below are the verdict against four civil right activists, Omid Alishenas, Atena Daeimi, Asou Rostami and Ali Noori, who have been sentenced in to 38 years in prison.

HRANA believes that publishing this verdict could be a good measure regarding the legality and lawfulness of these heavy sentences for these civil rights activists.

Opposing against death sentences, defending the rights of education of Bahai community, sympathy with the families of political prisoners, solidarity with Kobani, condemnation of 80s mass executions and protest against the corruption are some reasons for issuance of these sentences for these civil right activist.

According to a legal adviser of HRANA, although each of these charges could make any observer to sympathize with these defendants, disarray, legal mistakes and errors show the lack of information of the judge about the laws.

According to HRANA’s legal expert, “for instance in this complaint, Omid Ali Shenas and Atena Daeimi are sentenced to 7 years in prison by virtue of article number 610 of Islamic Penal Code, the maximum sentence based on this article could be 5 years. It is very strange that an experienced Judge like Moghiseh have not known or noticed this through all these years”.

In another part of this verdict, Reihaneh Jabari is called, “executed for hypocrisy” and Arxhang Davoodi is called “Executed Hypocrite” (Islamic Republic use the term Monafegh, for the members of MEK, which means Hypocrite), while he is currently serving his sentence in Rajaei Shahr prison.

Worth mentioning that, Mohammad Hossain Daemi, the father of Atena Daemi is sentenced on charge of keeping and using satellite receiver.

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