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Interview With Omid Ali Shenas’s Mother

Posted on: 15th April, 2015
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HRANA News Agency – Mother of Omid Ali Shenas,  civil activist who is in detention for  more than six months awaiting for his sentence to be issued, in an interview with HRANA, expressed her hope that his son would to be treated with “justice”.

Omid Ali Shenas, was arrested on 4th September, and was transferred to the ward 2A of IRGC, and despite a bail of 100 million Tomans was requested, unfortunately, primitive court and previously, prosecutors with unknown reasons refused to accept the bail. He was transferred to ward 8 of Evin prison, after his trial and is waiting for his sentence.

Simin Eyvaz-zadeh, who is a teacher, about the activities of young people, like Oimd, believes that:

“I know what a pure heart and good intentions these people have, as I am dealing with them because of my job. Small positive changes in the circumstances, and if, in this way, they become a little bit extreme or make some misinterpretation of the law, it must be taken into account that they are young and inexperienced.”

Regarding Omid’s charges, she told HRANA: “He was notified that his charges are: propaganda against the regime, acting against national security and insulting the leader, but he himself and his lawyer have denied the allegations.”

But which political activities have caused such charges against Omid Ali Shenas, his mother says: “Omid is not a member of any group or political movements, his activities were related to worker children, regular meetings with the families of political prisoners or activities in line of opposing against the death penalty, and all of his activities were peaceful, with reformist motivations, and lawful, not propaganda against the regime, not conspiracy against the national security.”

Omid Ali Shenas along with other political and civil activist prisoners, unlike the rule of crime based separation of prisoners, are being held in ward 8 with apolitical prisoners. Mrs Eyvazi-zadeh, describes his son’s current condition in ward 8 concerning: “His life situation in ward 8 is not good at all, the number of prisoners there is so big that even the prisoners sleep in the hallway, and bathroom is the only place where no one sleeps there. They are held with prisoners of financial crimes, theft and hooliganism, and there is a concerning risk of conflict between them.”

According to Mrs. Eyvaz-zadeh, the health condition in ward 8 is not good, and due to the high population, diseases rapidly get epidemic.  Recently some of the prisoners got influenza and then it influenced all of the prisoners in ward 8, and my son was one of them. I, as a mother, do not feel that he is safe and I am concerned about the situation.”

Reflection and following this situation has not reached to a conclusion, but, despite the situation, Mrs. Eyvaz-zadeh hopes that her son’s inexperience to be considered as a young man’s mistakes and finally her son’s case will be treated with justice: “My request and my hope is that my son would be treated with justice, and it is the only thing that I demand.”