Interview with Saeid Zeinali’s Mother

HRANA News Agency – Saeid Zeinali’s mother has announced that she is going to start a sit-in in front of Supreme Leader’s domicile or the Assembly of Experts, insisting to pursue the complaint against the leadership until the final result.

According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency in Iran (HRANA), family of Saeid Zeinali, Iranian citizen who was arrested and disappeared a few days after the attack on the University campus in 1999, has recently made a complaint against the leadership to the Assembly of Experts.

Zainali’s family has been told that their complaint is being investigated and they should be waiting for Assembly of Experts to contact them: “We went to the Assembly of Experts, on Wednesday, as we had an appointment but president of the Assembly, Mr. Yazdi, was in Qom city and did not arrive and we are waiting for investigation and their call.”

Akram Neghabi told HRANA’s reporter about reason of complaints from the leadership to Assembly of Experts: “In the past few years we went everywhere which were inconclusive and all of them were subsets of leadership House. We have had no results from leadership House, so we had to make a complaint to the Assembly of Experts, this is the last chance and if we do not get a proper response, I will sit-in in front of the Assembly of Experts or leadership House to get the answer.”

Said Zainali, graduate of Tehran University in computer, was arrested on 14th July 1999 at home and since then, there is no news about him except a short phone call. This family’s repeated visits of various institutions have had no results yet.

According to HRANA, Saeid Zainali’s family has been summoned and arrested several times so far for pursuing their child’s fate, including his sister’s arrest in 2010. His brother has been repeatedly summoned and interrogated, too.

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