Iranian Actress Interrogated for her Instagram Posts

Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA) – In response to a summons she received last Wednesday, film and TV actress Parastoo Salehi underwent interrogation on Sunday, August 19, 2018, by the Monitoring and Follow-Up Unit of the Iranian Judiciary.

Salehi reported that she was being called out for criticizing the economic and social situation in Iran on her social media account. Recently, she had used her public Instagram profile to decry such issues as embezzlement, the drop in the value of Iranian currency, citizens being detained for political reasons, rape, cases of child abuse, and the Caspian Sea Agreement.

“[The authorities] were friendly and respectful, but a summons is a summons,” Salehi said.

Salehi quoted her interrogators as saying, “You’re bringing everybody down with all of these problems. It doesn’t benefit the country or society.” She said they pressed her to name who she was “taking orders from” to direct her social media activity.

“I support the Iranian people, not any particular party, faction, or group” she added. “I only reflect on events and repeat what the people are saying. If we speak out, we are met with warnings and threats. If we don’t, we are accused of opportunism. I’ve been repeatedly asked by activists why I don’t join them on the streets.”

“I am not afraid,” she added. “What happened to Nasrin Sotoodeh [a recently imprisoned lawyer] and many others? I find it odd that amid all of these corrupt people, I am the one who gets summoned.”

Salehi added that “Rouhani’s administration is the worst Iran has seen in 40 years

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